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Keep your people focused on the big picture and let ADP manage your global payroll, with solutions that save money, reduce risk, and provide insights to drive the growth and expansion of your business. ADP Global Payroll combines ADP GlobalView Payroll and ADP Celergo into a unified and truly multi-country payroll solution.

Unparalleled payroll experience

ADP has been leading payroll innovation for over 70 years. We’re not only preparing for the future of pay, we’re defining it.

Global infrastructure and reach

We provide stewardship over the payroll of millions of employees worldwide. We’ve earned the trust of leading global enterprises.

Worldwide compliance expertise

From government regulations to local laws, we are fluent in all matters regulatory and build compliance into every solution we offer.

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ADP Global Insight Dashboard

Your business-critical data has never been closer – or more meaningful. Compare staff costs across countries spot trends, and gain the understanding you need to make strategic workforce decisions.

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  • 2 HR
  • 3 Time
  • 4 Reports

View your global payroll data

Gain a consolidated view of your data using pre-configured dashboards on your workforce cost, gross wages, contribution and deduction.

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Make smarter decisions to manage your global workforce

Access your global employee information. Drill down to country or individual employee level and compare with previous months' information.

Add time

Optimise workforce productivity and performance

Find cost-saving opportunities by gaining access to your employees' time data in all your countries.

Create your reports

Make reporting work for you

Create and customise your own reports, go beyond standard metrics, configure exchange rates in a single currency to fit your changing business needs.

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Global payroll solutions that simplify, unify, and deliver

Simplify your processes

  • Optimise workflow automation
  • Reduce administrative burden
  • Decrease likelihood of manual data entry errors

Unify all of your payroll data

  • Better worldwide payroll data visibility
  • On-demand analytics and reporting with ADP Global Insight Dashboard
  • Seamless standard integrations through ADP Global HR Connectors, with enterprise-leading HCM solutions

Simplify your payroll process compliance requirements worldwide

  • Expertise in managing regulation and laws across 140 countries
  • Built-in data privacy and security provisions

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Your ADP Global Payroll Software questions answered

What is global payroll software?

ADP Global Payroll Software is a cloud solution for multicountry businesses to accurately pay employees, wherever their location. It provides one compliant system of record, so your teams can view data globally. Other benefits include more streamlined operations and greater cost efficiencies.

Why use global payroll services?

Organisations use global payroll services to pay employees across multiple locations. This means no more outdated legacy systems. Instead, the software integrates payroll and HR into one cloud-based system of record. Compliance is inbuilt, reducing manual errors, saving time and lowering costs.

What should I look for in an international payroll provider?

Check the international payroll provider has a global footprint and available experts so your payroll is compliant across multiple territories. Ensure their software has built-in data security to avoid data breaches. You’ll need one system of record, so all costs are visible.

Which services are provided by top international payroll providers?

Top international payroll providers offer one solution that’s secure, compliant and pays your employees worldwide. Check their software integrates with HR and HCM systems for greater data analysis. The right solution will help you reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and boost global collaboration.

What are the benefits of international payroll services?

International payroll services provide one simple cloud-based system of record to pay employees, wherever they’re based. No more grappling with outdated local payroll systems. Your enterprise can lower its costs, with greater operating efficiencies, while data analytics help with more informed decision-making.