Discover how IPC China uses ADP solutions to consolidate its payroll and social benefits management

With offices located in different cities in Asia, IPC China hopes to stop managing leave and performance by emails and paper files and consolidate all HR modules via a single online platform. ADP’s payroll solutions and iHCM 2 solutions help the company eliminate many inconveniences, increase work efficiency and enhance work experience for both managers and employees.

For companies that operate in multiple locations like we do, using emails and paper files to manage HR makes the process long and tedious, which is a waste of time and resources. A much better choice is for us to manage the process centrally through an online platform, as all the submissions and approvals can be completed online.

Chris Hao, HR and Admin Manager
IPC China


  • Payroll and social benefits policies vary from city to city
  • Managing leave and performance by emails and paper files costs too much time and labour
  • Accessing different HR modules with different accounts creates a bad employee experience

How ADP helped:

ADP’s payroll solutions and iHCM 2 solutions help IPC China to consolidate all the HR modules, including payroll, time, CoreHR, performance, learning, and recruiting on a single platform. In this way, IPC China is able to achieve complete online management of human resources and process optimisation. The user experience of both managers and employees is further improved, because ADP solutions can be accessed from multiple devices.