Discover how Blommer China uses ADP’s payroll solutions to meet its new management’s expectations

With the continuous business expansion in China, Blommer China faced new challenges in human resources and payroll management, especially after being acquired by Fuji Oil as Japanese companies pay particular attention to budgeting. New requirements were raised for the company’s compensation design, salary payment and daily management.

... the ADP team has a great understanding of the important milestones of each stage, which is really important to ensure the project’s implementation progress and successful launch.

Tina Wu, Human Resource
Blommer Chocolate Company


  • New requirements for salary payment and daily management
  • Time-consuming and sometimes inaccurate payroll calculation
  • Unsatisfactory employee experience resulting from having to submit leave and overtime application manually
  • Inability to produce individualised reporting for the leadership team

How ADP helped:

  • Improved accuracy of payroll calculation
  • Better employee experience through moving leave and overtime application from paper form to online
  • More customised and transparent reporting for the management team

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